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Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art that combine powerful physical techniques with strong moral values, providing students with a complete set of life skills that can be utilised in any situation.

Cameron Taekwondo was created in 2002 by Richard Cameron under the guidance of Grand Master David Brown. We are part of the highly recognised Ultimate Taekwondo Schools, a large taekwondo organisation which has been teaching in Scotland for over 25 years.

Richard Cameron started training in taekwondo at the age of 13 directly under Grand Master Brown, with whom he has continued training for over 20 years.

To this date, we pride ourselves in having clubs that connect with the wider community and maintain training costs as affordable as possible to ensure our clubs are accessible to all.

From instilling discipline to building self-confidence our classes can help everyone reach their full potential. We take our responsibility as role models for younger students seriously, teaching them the importance of strong character traits, leadership and good moral values.

Tenets of Taekwondo




What our people say


We can tell you how good we are all day long, but the true testimont of the results of what we offer is best heard from those who have partook in our classes and the parents of children who have benefited from our instruction.

  • Since joining taekwondo at six years old ( I am now 20) it has had a massive impact on my life. I went from being very shy and quiet to outgoing, I have made some amazing friends and had the chance to compete in many tournaments. Taekwondo is more than a hobby or a way of staying fit it really can change someone for the better and is a fantastic opportunity for any child or adult.

  • Mr Cameron’s classes are a fabulous environment for anyone to learn taekwondo.

    My youngest son started taekwondo under Mr Cameron almost 10 years ago and shortly after my older son and husband joined the class. In the beginning, it was all about exercise, confidence, and discipline for the boys, but it has proved to be so much mor

    Over the years, they have represented their club and have competed in local and national tournaments, and continue to have the opportunity to travel the world competing and representing the federation.
    Taekwondo has become a huge part of family life for us, and even although they are both adults now, we all still attend classes, continuing to learn new skills and enjoy being part of our wider taekwondo family

  • My two sons have been coming to this club since they were about 4 and 7 years old (they are now 6 and 9) and settled in well at the very first class. They have developed so many new skills since joining the club, and the atmosphere is always friendly, supportive and fun. Richard always puts the children at ease, and makes them feel included and respected as class members. He uses a range of different activities to help the children to learn different taekwondo skills, no matter what their level of ability. The children clearly love this class, and have great respect for Richard himself. This is a great club; professional, organised and focused on encouraging the children to do their best.